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Image of Swaziland flag 100 x 150 Swaziland desk flag

Swaziland flag 100 x 150 Swaziland desk flag

Swaziland desk flag is the perfect miniature Swaziland flag, Swaziland flag collectors flag, or flag of Swaziland desk flag.

Swaziland mini flags can also be used as a Swaziland reception desk flag, delegates flag of the Swaziland, Swaziland Cultural Day flag, Swaziland Multi-Cultural Fair flag, and/or Swaziland International Night flag.

These inexpensive mini Swaziland stick flags are perfect as a low cost hand waving flag at Swaziland community events, a Swaziland birthday cake decoration, or used with table center piece decorations at an Swaziland day celebration, event or Swaziland function.

The Swaziland miniature flag is also know as an Swaziland desk flag, Swaziland table flag or miniature Swaziland flag and is approximately 100mm wide x 150mm long.

Made from knitted polyester material the flag of Swaziland has smooth cut edges, a white hoist sleeve and comes with a black plastic, gold ornamented staff that measures approximately 240mm in overall length.

Flag of Swaziland desk flag features:

  • 100% polyester flag on black plastic staff.
  • Quality screen print in bold, bright colours.
  • Tidy and smooth heat cut finished edging.
  • Gold plated plastic ornamental top.
  • Approximate flag size: 100mm x 150mm.
  • Approximate staff length: 240mm.

Swaziland desk flag stands are available in black plastic, metallic gold plated plastic or solid wood and can be purchased from our online flag shop in our miniature desk flag stand department.

Price: $2.95 from Custom Flags Xtreme

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