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Image of Togo flag 300 x 450 Small Togo flag

Togo flag 300 x 450 Small Togo flag

The 300mm x 450mm Togo flag is also known as a small flag of Togo.

The small Togo hand waving stick flags are approximately 300mm wide x 450mm long with a plastic safety ornament decoration at the top of the stick.

You can attach the small Togo flag to your car antenna, bicycle, scooter, wheel chair or gopher, use them as a Togo school flag, Togo party flag, as a large Togo table placement flag, as a Togo birthday cake flag, displayed in Togo theme dioramas, mounted in framed collectibles or set in model displays or could be a memorable keepsake gift for a Togo exchange student.

Togo small flags can also be used as a Togo reception desk flag, delegates flag of the Togo, Togo Cultural Day flag, Togo Multi-Cultural Fair flag, and/or Togo International Night flag.

Made from durable knitted polyester material the Togo flag features sewn edges, white hoist sleeve and comes complete with a wooden stick with a plastic ornamented top. Stick measures approximately 450mm in overall length.

Flag of Togo hand waving stick flag features:

  • 100% polyester flag with 450mm long wooden stick.
  • Quality screen print in bold, bright colours.
  • Tidy and smooth sewn finished edging.
  • Plastic ornamental top for safety.
  • Approximate flag size: 300 x 450mm.
  • Approximate stick length: 450mm.

Flag stands for the small Togo flags are available in solid wood and can be purchased from our desk flag stand department.

Price: $9.95 from Custom Flags Xtreme

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